Wednesday, April 1, 2009


....and here we very first attempt at creating a blog and, well, trying my hand at most people I know, do! Not being a spring chicken anymore, things do not come as easily as they used to when my wife and I had our very first ZX81, followed by the BBC. That was the time when I used to spend hours playing 'Snapper'...when I would break record after record and my fingers used to work miracles on the keyboard. There were no mice then....nor rats or anything else with a tail! Our computer games were simple...primitive, according to today's standards! But we had good fun notwithstanding. But I digress.....! And if you follow this blog, you will notice that I digress quite easily!

I do not have clear plans for this blog yet as I had never got involved in anything similar before. But I was gently nudged to visit a good friend's blog this morning and I was intrigued! Hmmm...there must be something to this after all. Even if I can simply manage to share my ideas or vent my frustrations, this is probably a good way to do it. Nobody gets hurt this way!

So, I am first going to explore all the nooks and crannies that are connected to this blog...feel my way around, in other words, then start embellishing the site. I am rearing to go and I just hope there is enough going on in my life to make interesting reading. At the moment, there is a MAJOR THING going on but is more of interest to me and my close family. God willing, more of that some other time.

Thank you for coming in. Please pass by any time.


  1. Hi Francis,
    Welcome to the world of bloggers! WOW you did a fine job for a first posting, I really enjoyed it and will be back...gotta love your humour!
    I look forward to reading more.
    Take care and have fun blogging,

  2. Hi dad!

    Well done. Loved reading your first post. You surely are getting busy on this avant-garde cyber technology :-) I remember your BBC and the waiting and waiting and waiting to rewind and load the tape of Donkey Kong. But I'll go for Wii anytime :-)

    Enjoy your blog. I will surely be following it regularly.

    Love you xxx